Aluminium doors and shop front door installations

Aluminium Doors & Shop Fronts Installation


BH Doors and Engineering can provide an extensive range of aluminium doors and aluminium shopfronts. These can be designed to client needs to impose an attractive display to generate increased custom.

Its versatility lies in the fact that it can be cut and shaped to fit virtually any configuration your shop front design might present.

This means it is not only great for installing aluminium shop doors as part of a new construction, but also ideal for retrofitting where angles may not be perfectly square, or there are odd shaped areas that need to be fitted.

It can be anodized into different colours, powder coated, or painted to match any finish or design scheme.

Aluminium door installation designs
Our aluminium shopfronts are robust, versatile and strong. There is a variety of window options to suit a number of purposes, whether it’s for high street retail shops, commercial aluminium doors and or shopping centre entrances.

Aluminium remains a popular choice for shop fronts and doors because it is durable, lightweight and high-strength. It is also highly resistant to corrosion caused by industrial pollutants.

When planning and making a decision about how you will present your business to the public, an aluminium shop front should be something to consider.

It is virtually maintenance free and is effective across a range of geographical regions and climatic conditions. It stands up to the elements like rain, sleet, ice and snow.

Its strength lends itself to increased security for your stop front, reducing the risk from thieves.







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Aluminium Shop Front System

Each individual Aluminium shop fronts is built to client specification, from a wide range of aluminium profiles available for construction.

These include Comar 1 / Comar 3 Extruded aluminium profiles, Alloy 6063 T5 or T6 to BS 1474 in construction of our shopfronts. This ensures high quality is maintained.

All shopfronts are designed into various sectional styles and glazed using a variety of different glass types.
These range from:

  • laminated safety glass (thickness of 6.4mm, 10.8mm, 11.5mm or 13.5mm)
  • anti-bandit glazing that is required for Jewellery shops (thickness of 10mm or 12mm)
  • toughened glass
  • tinted glass available in different shades
  • energy-saving double glazed units

All aluminium profile shopfronts are coloured using an in-house powder coating facility, with over 200+ RAL colour choices. This way you can choose a colour to suit individual preferences as well as corporate colours and brand requirements.

Aluminium shop front installation colours

A polyester finish is baked onto the aluminium profiles to create a high quality, robust and durable finish, which can withstand all the rigours of UK weather conditions. Each bespoke RAL colour option is available in a gloss or matt finish.

There are 213 colours available as every door system is bespoke in size and colour.

Environmentally friendly – Aluminium is recyclable, making it a good choice if you and your business are concerned about the environment. Most aluminium in fact already contains a high percentage of recycled metal, but this does not detract in any way from its strength, durability, or versatility.

Aluminium Front Doors

Our external aluminium doors display a combination of visual appeal and durability, capable of withstanding everyday usage, within environments of low or high traffic. We have a range of aluminium entrance doors available for installation.

These include:

  • centre pivot
  • manual
  • automatic

All manual swing door profile doors are fitted with a concealed overhead transom closer. This eases the entry and exit and can hold the door at 90 degrees if required.

Other features include full weather stripping to the perimeter of the door, as well a range of chrome/satin handles which can be chosen according to your visual preference.

We place an emphasis on safety with our production of aluminium products. We provide all of our products with various anti-finger door stiles and anti-finger door guards, to eliminate the risk of crushing at the pivot point.

Benefits of using Aluminium doors and shop front systems

  • Bespoke design in accordance with client specification including ventilation windows
  • Strong and robust polyester finishes that have great visual appeal.
  • A range of glazing options for different security and thermal purposes.
  • Strong aluminium profile doors built for either manual or automatic operation.

Contact us today and let us help you devise a new entrance that meets all expectations.

Aluminium front door installation profile
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What are the benefits of choosing an external aluminium door?
Aluminium doors are durable and capable of withstanding everyday usage, within environments of low or high traffic. A polyester finish is baked onto the aluminium profiles to create a high quality, robust and durable finish, which can withstand all the rigours of UK weather conditions. Each of the 213 RAL colour options are available in a gloss or matt finish. They can also include perimeter sealing and a threshold to reduce heat loss as well as self-closing.
Why do you need to carry out a site survey and not give me a standard price for an installation?
During a site survey we will discuss your requirements, design a system which complements your building and surroundings. Due to the cost implications of materials the size of opening, glass specification and type of door system would affect the price. The users of the system be taken into account and a full risk assessment needs to be carried out to ensure that it is safe, reliable and easy to use. We would only provide a system which we would offer a service contract agreement upon to give you piece of mind and warranty.
If I have an existing aluminium door and need it to be automated to make it more accessible can you give me a quotation?
Yes, if you could send us an e-mail to with internal and external photos of the door, dimensions and your activation requirements, but ideally, we need to carry out a free site survey, contact us here to arrange
Why is it important to carry out a risk assessment?
A risk assessment will highlight any risks during the installation and take into account the operation, users and specify any safety devices which may be required. On completion of this any risks need to be either eliminated or reduced to a safe level. Examples are out of hours working, selecting self-closing, Covid procedures, specifying safety glass, manual handling equipment, locking.
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