Accessible automatic door conversions

Accessible Automatic Door Conversions

Is it possible to convert an existing door to an accessible automatic door?

Yes, it is and at BH doors, this is a common solution we provide for our customers, whether following a DDA Accessible Audit or are looking to automate a door to enhance their customers’ experience.

The benefits are –

  • Reduced cost as no door is required
  • Quicker installation and completion
  • Fully compliant with DDA and Accessibility Act regulations
  • Specific activation device(s) to suit users
  • Functionality with ability to be interfaced with Access Control and Fire Alarm systems
  • Risk assessment and commissioning documentation
  • Serviceable
  • Improved comfort
  • Reduce building energy loss
  • Increase hygiene

The best solution is an entrance that allows all of your customers, students and employees through the door with ease, whether they are non-disabled or not.

BH Doors provide installations of these easy-access door systems that will enable your building to be accessible to everyone with the functionality and security you require. Accessible automatic doors in existing buildings should be one of the following two types:

      a) a manually operated power operated door controlled by a push pad, coded entry system, card swipe or remote-control device;


      b) an automatic power operated door controlled, for example, by a motion sensor or a hands-free proximity reader.

The selection of which type will be following a site survey from an engineer to be able to provide a quotation which encapsulates your requirement, user characteristics and risk assessment.

Converting Manual Doors into Automatic Doors

Almost any commercial manual door can be converted and require minimal adjustments to operate automatically. As an independent automatic door specialist, all of our operators are suitable for retro-fitting.

We will consider factors such as the existing:

  • Door leaf construction and function
  • Mechanical door hardware
  • Power source for electrical connection
  • Area available around the doorway for mounting an automatic door operator
  • We will also advise on the safety protection considerations that are essential with powered automatic opening, including safety and activation sensors, signage and barriers.
Converted accessible automatic door
Automatic entrance door converted for accessibility

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