Fire Escapes & Steel Doorsets Installation


The purpose of an emergency exit in a building is a special exit for emergencies such as a fire: the combined use of regular and special exits allows for faster evacuation, while it also provides an alternative if the route to the regular exit is blocked by fire, etc.

For compliance to BS9999, fire escapes should be serviced and inspected every 6 months. This may also be a stipulation of your building insurance, your lease agreement or part of your Fire risk assessment for your fire exits to be maintained.

Fire Escapes generally are only tested weekly, used in an emergency, but there are some which are used constantly as a means to enter a building so the components will be subject to greater wear and tear. This is where the design and specification are critical to ensure that the right product is installed to ensure it matches the operational needs.

Fire escapes need to be –

  • Robust to be able to handle the usage
  • Easy to open
  • Provide security when closed
  • Be self-closing / locking
  • Withstand weather and environment
It is critical that these doorsets are always kept in optimum condition as BS8300 and BS8214 states that manual fire exit doors should be examined twice a year with specific attention paid to panic bars, paddle handles, hinges, pivots and door closing mechanisms.

All fire escapes are designed into various sec• tional styles and glazed using a variety of different glass types. These range from:

  • laminated safety glass (thickness of 6.4mm, 10.8mm, 11.5mm or 13.5mm)
  • anti-bandit glazing that is required for Jewellery shops (thickness of 10mm or 12mm)
  • toughened glass
  • tinted glass available in different shades
  • energy-saving double glazed units

All aluminium profile shopfronts are coloured using an in-house powder coating facility, with over 200+ RAL colour choices.

This way you can choose a colour to suit individual preferences as well as corporate colours and brand requirements.

A polyester finish is baked onto the aluminium profiles to create a high quality, robust and durable finish, which can withstand all the rigours of UK weather conditions. Each bespoke RAL colour option is available in a gloss or matt finish. There are 213 colours available as every door system is bespoke in size and colour.

Environmentally friendly – Aluminium is recyclable, making it a good choice if you and your business are concerned about the environment. Most aluminium in fact already contains a high percentage of recycled metal, but this does not detract in any way from its strength, durability, or versatility.







Risk Assessment


Steel Doorsets

With a unique rebate gasket made from EPDM rubber, that sits around both the frame and threshold. This increases the excellent resistance to both wind and water. Standard door hardware consists of a single mortice lever handle and cylinder lock with three keys.

Options include:

  • Anti-burglary locks
  • Electromagnetic strike
  • Panic hardware for fire exits
Commercial steel door installations

Our steel doorsets are manufactured and supplied as follows –

• 45mm thick Door leaf with flush lipped astragal constructed from:
• 2 x 1.2mm thick ‘Rustec’ sheets, which are Dutch folded and internally bonded together.*
• 42mm thick ‘Hexatex’ core.*
• 5 year warranty against rust as standard for all colour coated doors.*

* Available on most door-sets in the range

• Manufactured from 1.6 mm thick ‘Rustec’ steel.*
• Single rebate 104mm wide frame with additional rebate for flush lip.*
• A minimum of six fully adjustable fixing points are provided to each jamb.*
• Unique ‘Adjust-2-fit’ side channels with each frame.*
• Double rebate frames are available on request.

* Available on most door-sets in the range
• 3 year warranty against rust as standard for all colour coated doors.*

• BS 7352 Grade 13 stainless steel, twin bearing template drilled butt hinges with integral high security dog bolts are fitted as standard with CE marking.
• Comes as standard in a powder coated finish in one of our standard colours.
• Full range of RAL and BS colours available.
• Marine Grade finish is available as an option in salt laden coastal or high chlorination locations.
• Full range of finishes available including, metallics and pearlescent.
• 16-year warranty against rust in a non-saline environment with our optional C5i coating.
• Aluminium threshold with neoprene seal on external outward opening doors.
• Double ramped threshold available for doors needing pallet truck access. – Require rain-drip & brush seal to prevent water ingress.
• Specialist inward opening threshold available where water ingress is an issue on inward opening doors.
• Self adhesive P-seal provided as standard.
Steel doorsets installation options

Optional Extras

• 20GA Cold Rolled Steel – Stainless Steel available upon request.
• Single and Double glazed.
• 6mm GWPP/ 6.4mm Laminated / 6mm Toughened / 9mm Ceramic.
• Obscured and frosted options on request.
• 22mm Double Glazed units.
• 18GA Galvanised Steel – frame.
• 22GA Galvanised Steel – louvre blades.
• 50% Free air flow in standard configuration.
• Bird Mesh and Insect Mesh available.
• 36% Free air flow when using insect mesh.
• Solid, Glazed and Louvred side and over panels available.

Contact us today and let us help you devise a new fire escape or steel doorset that meets your requirements and expectations.

Fire door and steel doorsets manufacturers


What are the benefits of a correctly specified fire escape?
A fire escape needs to be robust to be able to handle the usage and withstand the weather and environment. As they are a means of escape, they also need to be easy to open and provide security when closed. Also, as part of your Fire Risk assessment you must test them weekly and inspected 6 monthly by a qualified person which provides documentation.
Why do you need to carry out a site survey and not give me a standard price for an installation?
During a site survey we will discuss your requirements, design a system which complements your building and surroundings. Due to the cost implications of materials the size of opening, aluminium or steel doorset, ironmongery, hardware and type of door system would affect the price. The users of the system be taken into account and a full risk assessment needs to be carried out to ensure that it is safe, reliable and easy to use. We would only provide a system which we would offer a service contract agreement upon to give you piece of mind and warranty.
Why is it important to carry out a risk assessment?
A risk assessment will highlight any risks during the installation and take into account the operation, users and specify any safety devices which may be required. On completion of this any risks need to be either eliminated or reduced to a safe level. Examples are out of hours working, selecting a steel doorset instead of aluminium, Covid procedures, specifying safety glass, manual handling equipment, locking, fire alarm interface.
How will a steel doorset provide protection from the weather and environment instead of a timber door?
All of our Steel doorsets can be provided with a threshold with neoprene seal, a perimeter seal around the door leaf, Marine Grade finish for salt laden coastal or high chlorination locations and the frame will be sealed into the building surroundings.
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