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Biosafe Commercial Doors

Please view our guide which provides a summary of the relevant products and the best solutions for making the doors in your building as biosafe as practicable. It can also be of use when specifying, ordering or using the products within.

The doors in our buildings are the one thing we ALL touch every day – a physical barrier there to secure and keep us safe. However, now touching that door poses a potential risk.

Building managers and owners need to balance the needs of security and safety in terms of fire and smoke along with minimising the transference of infection through ‘touch’, e.g., Coronavirus,

Often, there will be multiple potential options for achieving this and these need to be balanced against budget, practicality, door type and frequency of use.

In order to simplify this selection process, we have produced a flow chart of questions which should guide the reader to the relevant sections of this document.

The guide has been written so as to ‘break down’ the solutions from the utopian solution of a door which automatically opens and closes itself, through to a door for which ‘touch’ is unavoidable and, in each case, highlights a range of solutions to consider.

Commercial door biosafe chart


I would like to hold a door open so that persons do not need to touch the door, what needs to be considered?
Where is this door in your building, is it the main entrance or an internal door, how many times a day does it get used and who uses it. Does this effect the security of the building and the safety of the occupants if the door is held open. Lastly, if this is a fire door, it must not be wedged open but you will have to fit products which are compliant and release the door in the event the fire alarm is activated. Please view our touchless door adaptions.
I have an existing automatic door which is activated by push pads and a push to exit button, could I convert this to be touchless?
Yes there are products which will directly replace these and eliminate a person having to touch them or could install radar type activation devices which would detect when a person is walking towards the door and open it for them, see our automatic door conversion page.
I have an existing main entrance manual aluminium door with access control fitted and require this to be touchless automated, is this possible?
Yes, it is possible to automate any existing swing type door by means of installing an operator, arm and safety devices but we would require a site visit to survey your door to ensure the completed installation is compliant, fits with your operational needs, integrates with your access control system, provides a means of escape if required and is safe for the users. Please < href=" ">contact us to arrange a survey.








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