Brexit and BH Doors

BH Doors & Engineering Ltd and the impact of Brexit

We are not expecting any significant issues from Brexit impacting BH Doors as our suppliers already have significant experience and all the necessary import and export licences. They already import from non-European Countries and have in place the required procedures and regulatory compliance.

Most products will have zero tariffs and those that do will be less than 5%. The existing parts and components we buy and provide have the necessary CA marks of conformity or British standard which will continue after Brexit and as a consequence we do not anticipate any regulatory issues.

UK Commercial Door Industry

Within the door industry in the UK there are few truly manufactured components that are not reliant on importing raw materials or sub-components in the assembly process or installation.

For example a German commercial door company imports component from China and then assembles them in Germany as part of their product for distribution around the world.

The majority of components we use are manufactured in Europe, USA, China and the UK. With such a large number of components and a wide range of potential suppliers for specific parts it is difficult to know precisely the original source of all manufactured components that are found in the parts that we use.

Our suppliers know the industry and what products they need to keep a continued stock of to supply BH Doors when required.

Some of them have been UK distributors for over 20 years and have in place the ability to provide a delivery of stock 7 days a week.

They have already increased their stock levels to compensate for any potential delays in restocking or supply issues due to short-term delays that may arise at non-UK and UK ports.

BH Doors Service

We rely on our suppliers to be able to provide the products and services required by BH Doors so that we can provide a high quality and responsive service to our customers.

The majority of our work revolves around a door being broken where we need to visit, examine and repair as quickly as possible. As we are a service and repair company, we generally need parts the next day or need the ability to collect the same day for emergency repairs to keep people’s doors operational, safe and compliant.

This has always been an important factor when carefully selecting our suppliers as they need to understand our high quality service and the expectation levels of our customers.

We believe we have in place procedures and processes to manage a smooth Brexit transition and will be able to maintain our high standard of service to our customers.


Where are your products manufactured?

Europe, USA, China & the UK

Where is stock held and distributed from?
UK Distributors or direct from manufacturers.
Are there any concerns with physical logistics?
No, as increased stocks with UK suppliers to compensate for delayed time at ports and new import procedures.
Are there any concerns with tariffs which may be imposed?
Most products will be zero and any that do will be less than 5%.
Are there any regulatory risks associated with Brexit?
None are expected. We will ensure the products we buy have the necessary CA marks of conformity / British Standard at the appropriate time. Any new products will have to be certified before sale within the UK
Do your preferred suppliers have a contingency plan for Brexit?
Yes, the main ones being holding enough stocks to compensate for any short-term delays at ports and being prepared with the required import processes.

Emergency Repairs

- Fixed Call Out Fee
- Local Qualified Engineers
- Fast Response
- All Manufacturers Covered
- Common Spare Parts In Stock

Service & Maintenance

- Fixed Service Costs
- Scheduled Service Visit
- Building Compliance
- Safety Risk Assessments
- Reduced Rates for Contract Customers








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