DDA Disabled Door Access Installation, Repair & Service

Specialist adaptations for disabled access in listed buildings

It is a specialism of BH Doors & Engineering that modifications can be made to doors and entranceways, allowing the provision of access for disabled people.

We have improved disability access on a number of projects, ensuring where possible existing door frames are re-used, external barriers and mobility support rails are added where necessary and flooring is modified to ensure trip hazards are eradicated.

We have extensive experience with working on modifications within listed buildings, never compromising on the strict codes for history preservation and always leaving the door in a perfectly finished condition, including new matting and paintwork.

The Equality Act 2010 and DDA accessible doors

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) was passed in 1995 to introduce measures aimed at ending the discrimination which many disabled people faced. Since 2010, The Equality Act replaced the single DDA with a multi-level anti-discrimination law that encompasses important ways to help tackle discrimination and inequality across the broader spectrum equal rights.

With the Equality Act 2010, disabled people are protected in the areas of;

  • Employment
  • Access to goods, facilities and services
  • The management, buying or renting of land or property.


Further to this, some of these measures became law for employers in December 1996, making it unlawful to treat disabled people less favourably than other people for a reason related to their disability.

Since October 1st 2004, service providers have had to make reasonable adjustments to their physical features of their premises to overcome barriers to access.

This means that many commercial doors and doorways are not compliant and are un-intentionally causing a barrier to access for many disabled people.

Commercial properties such as listed buildings in universities or colleges and schools, libraries, council buildings and places of worship require some modification to allow access under the Equality Act.

Free surveys

BH Doors & Engineering offer a free service to review your current accessibility and report back on any adjustments that may be required to ensure Equality Act 2010 compliance.

Our service operates throughout Cambridgeshire, South Norfolk, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and Essex, and appointments are available to suit your timetable, so if you are an educational facility or your opening hours are not to be disrupted, we can work around this, ensuring the minimal amount of down-time.

Call 0808 120 0911 to speak to one of our engineers for more information on disabled access compliance and book your appointment today.

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