Revolving doors servicing and maintenance

Revolving Doors Service & Maintenance

Revolving doors require care and maintenance to ensure that the transition of a person in or out of your building is as seamless as possible.

Generally revolving doors are manual and require a person to push a door leaf to start the rotation and when released will slowly come to a stop. 

The main purpose is to always seal a building as at least 1 door leaf is touching the outer drum and due to the perimeter seals around each, the building is sealed from external environment. There are some which are assisted which makes it easier to push and some which are fully automatic. In busy buildings these doors may rotate thousands of times in a single day.

This is where BH Doors comes in, to ensure that ease of use and draughtproofing of your building is upheld. We offer service contract agreements which include preventative maintenance to give you piece of mind at the fraction of the cost of a major component failure to keep your business operational and compliant.









Our service and maintenance include –

  • Planned in advance at your most convenient time
  • Safety barriers being deployed to designate a safe working area and letting you know we are working
  • Specific schedule of works
  • Minor repairs included
  • Separate quotation for defects or recommendations
  • Removing covers of operators to gain access for inspection
  • Checking torque settings of all fixings to glass
  • Opening panels and moving items to gain access
  • Cleaning the equipment and components
  • Risk assessing the equipment taking into account it’s environment
  • Recommendations for risk elimination or reduction

We also carry out minor repairs during a service, such as:

  • Door handles loose
  • Re-fixing of seals
  • Cover plates loose
  • Difficult to lock / unlock

We believe that preventative maintenance servicing reduces the failure of equipment. This is backed up with the level of service you require as we understand that when a door fails it affects your business.

If you have a problem with your revolving door or require it to be serviced, then call 0808 1200911 or request an engineer here.


My revolving door is not rotating, can you help?
Yes of course, but be aware we cover Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Wiltshire, Northamptonshire, Gloucestershire, Peterborough and Suffolk and depending on the severity of your problem we may be able to offer a same day response.

Is are any of the following your problem –

  • Is any door leaf touching another part of the door system?
  • Is the lock fully retracted?
  • Is the door making a loud noise when rotating?
  • Is the door binding on the floor?
  • Is your door difficult to lock?

If yes, then call us now on 0808 1200911

My revolving door is difficult to lock, can you help?
Yes of course, many issues with locks on revolving doors are that each time the lock is engaged into the floor. This may have dirt, dust and water inside and when you retract the lock all of this then could be drawn into the lock housing and over a period of time seize the lock. So, over a period of time, it will become more difficult to use and in extreme cases the key will snap and you could be left in an unsecure condition where you cannot lock or unlock your building.

If you are experiencing this call us now as we may be able to remove the lock, clean and lubricate it and reinstall it within our fixed call out rate, call us now on 0808 1200911

Hinchinbrook Hospital

“Can you thank the lads for the excellent work they did on our Children’s Ward. We are more than pleased with the excellent service your company provided. And will be happy to use your services in the future.”

Mediterranean Shipping Company

“Thanks for coming out so promptly and for managing to resolve this. Very impressed.”

“Sorry to have bothered you out of hours yesterday, I really wasn’t expecting you to reply! Thank you again for a great response.”

Holiday Inn

“The guys were  brilliant today, I have updated our files so from this point on you are the only company that we allow to service or repair any of the doors on site.”

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