Glass Revolving Door Repair At Banbury Museum

We were called to attend the same day as the revolving door on the main entrance was difficult to lock and a part of the brush weather sealing had come away.

Firstly, it is important to carry out a risk assessment of the work to be carried out and as the museum was open, we deployed our Yellow safety barriers.

On further inspection one of the Dorma bottom locks had seized, so it was removed, dismantled, cleaned and lubricated. So as a precaution the other lock was also attended to and tested with all of the keys to also ensure that any of the keys were not worn.

The brush sealing had clearly been caught by something or someone exiting the building as the carrier fixings had been snapped off. We removed the seal and all the broken fixings and replaced them refitting the seal.

The work was carried out at our fixed call out rate inclusive of travelling, mileage and the 1st hour on site so the customer had no additional charges on their invoice.

We also offer service contract agreements on Glass and Revolving Doors, which include preventative maintenance to give you piece of mind at the fraction of the cost of a major component failure to keep your business operational and compliant. If you would like a quotation for your doors, then contact us here.