Automatic Door Repairs

Our services:

  • Compliance to EN16005 / BS7036
  • Risk assessment and safety check
  • Minor repairs included
  • Separate quotation for defects or recommendations
  • Service agreement contracts

Call us on 0808 120 0911 for all your commercial doors repairs, servicing and maintenance.

Common issues and problems for automatic doors which need repairing are:

  • Not responding to sensors
  • Opening or closing on its own
  • Not opening or standing open
  • Flashing a code
  • Difficult to lock
  • Did not open when carrying out a fire alarm test
  • Door has failed your occupier tests
Prior to us attending your site, we can provide our DBS, Health and Safety policy, insurances and risk assessment. It is important that all documents are available to reduce inconvenience and wasting time so that we can work as soon as possible when we attend site.

Always when we work, we always carry out a risk assessment and deploy our yellow men barriers to designate a safe working area for us and the general public. Where we deem that the risk is high, we would carry out any work at a more suitable time, such as when your building is closed.

Our experienced engineers have been trained on the major manufacturers equipment and are backed up with spare parts accounts to be able to repair your automatic door. This will allow a cost effective and as efficient repair as we understand that if your door fails it will cause inconvenience and potential loss of business.










My doors keep opening and closing in the rain, can you help?
Yes of course, If it is an automatic door please check there are no rain droplets on the sensors or rain on the sensors? If yes, then clean off the water, do they work correctly now. If water can get onto the sensors then you will need to have product specific weatherhoods fitted which will eliminate this fault going forward, call us now to arrange a free site survey.

If you have checked and still not operating, then request an engineer here.