Glass Doors Service & Maintenance

  • Planned in advance at your most convenient time
  • Specific schedule of works
  • Minor repairs included
  • Adjust speeds of floor spring / transom closer / overhead closer if required
  • Separate quotation for defects or recommendations
  • Prioritise quotations on multiple door sites

We provide service contracts and preventative maintenance on a range of manufacturers equipment. From a one off service to 3 year fixed cost contract, call us on 0808 1200911 to discuss your requirements.

Mediterranean Shipping Company

“On a professional front, we were blown away with the service received from the guys yesterday and going forward we would like to establish a regular arrangement for servicing the glass portioned offices/doors.”

Francis Holland

“I would highly recommend BH Doors. Professional company who you can trust.”

Henman Freeth

“The contractors today were really a pleasure to have them in the building, very polite and helpful, left the area in a very clean and professional manner.”

“Thank you for sorting out the repair.”