Revolving Door refurbishment For Cambridge University Research Facility

We were initially called to site as the door had become difficult to push manually and was making a noise whilst rotating. We provided a quotation to refurbish the door and replace the bearings at the most convenient time to the customer.

As we purchase parts from this particular manufacturer, we were able to order the parts prior to dismantling the door. Due to the many different bearings used by different manufacturers it is important to change them like for like.

With all of the system removed we cleaned the mat well, drum wall and ceiling as this would be easier with the doors removed. Each glass door leaf was placed upon trestles and the patch fittings removed to allow us to replace the gaskets.

Also, we replaced any worn brush seals as these are used to seal from the environment. Generally, the ones at the bottom of the door and at the outer edge wear as they constantly rub when the door is operated.

The other important item is the bottom locks which due to their location will always contract dirt and water. Each time they are used the pin goes into a hole in the floor ring and then retract back into the lock case. We removed all of the locks, cleaned and lubricated them to ensure a smooth and easy operation.

On completion cleaned all of the door system including the drum, glass, doors, flooring then tested and demonstrated to the customer.

We also offer service contract agreements which include preventative maintenance to give you piece of mind at the fraction of the cost of a major component failure to keep your business operational and compliant.

Our service and maintenance include –

• Planned in advance at your most convenient time
• Safety barriers being deployed to designate a safe working area and letting you know we are working
• Specific schedule of works
• Minor repairs included
• Separate quotation for defects or recommendations
• Removing covers of operators to gain access for inspection
• Checking torque settings of all fixings to glass
• Opening panels and moving items to gain access
• Cleaning the equipment and components
• Risk assessing the equipment taking into account it’s environment
• Recommendations for risk elimination or reduction

We believe that preventative maintenance servicing reduces the failure of equipment. This is backed up with the level of service you require as we understand that when a door fails it affects your business.

If you have a problem with your revolving door or require it to be serviced, then call 08081 200911 or request an engineer here.