Aluminium Door Installation At Oxford Sailing Club, Farmoor Reservoir, Oxfordshire

We were contacted by Oxford Sailing Club in Oxfordshire as they decided to replace an existing timber movable wall system which was causing the following issues –

• Noise travel between the café and training room
• Not secure
• No wheelchair access as door opening less than 700mm
• When external door in the training room was open cold weather and wind would penetrate into the café area as it did not seal
• Standard glass with potential to cause injury

It is important when carrying out a site survey to discuss the current issues and requirements. Also, we need to include all users of the doors to ascertain how we can eliminate any problems and provide a more accessible door. From a security point of view any door system must increase the level and be operationally functional complimenting the usage. The completed installation must overcome the existing issues and be fit for purpose, not purely based on price. For further information on value, see our article here.

Our solution was to install an aluminium door system with has a pair of double action doors in the centre.

aluminium door installation in Oxfordshire

Our reasons for this particular choice –
• Wheelchair access as both doors wider than 900mm
• Doors will hold open at 90 degrees for when large events take place
• Doors can open in both directions to allow for easier access
• To match the existing aluminium doors within the building
• Include perimeter sealing to eliminate the travel of noise and weather
• More robust than timber and will not require redecorating
• 2 point locking to increase security
• A double ramped threshold to cover the existing floor track and provide a more accessible entrance
• Safety glass installed

If you require a new aluminium door system or provide a more accessible entrance to your building, then contact us here.