‘The price is a financial reward for providing the product or service. the value is what a customer believes the product or service is worth to them’
In the door industry it is common for customers to look for cost savings as their budgets are shrinking or their procedures dictate that the service contract agreement is put out to tender to get 3 different quotations.

Generally, these are price specific with a list of assets for us to price against with a total at the bottom. Some do include call out rates and response times which again is price. They do not take into account how this should be delivered nor the expectations of the business.

It is also common that when companies put their door service contract out to tender or look for a different supplier, they do not involve all of the relevant departments to put this together as generally this is carried out by the procurement department who are looking at the most competitive price

Why are BH Doors different?

We have to understand your needs and the needs of your business / organisation to provide our products and services to you. It is a ‘people thing’ to us, getting to know our customers by their first names and vice versa. Knowing that when you call you have a problem and we will provide a solution, it’s a relationship between people and companies working together.

We are driven by providing VALUE as we strive to provide what you need to keep your building operational, compliant and safe. We use our 30+ years’ experience, manufacturers specifications, current regulations backed up by our network of suppliers.

‘Everybody at BH Doors is accountable’

Why you need to measure value?

• What will help your business run smoothly operationally
• Minimise disruption
• Wasting time
• Reduce admin,
• Increase reliability of your doors
• Reduce overall yearly spend
• Conditional and end of life reports for future planning

Examples –

Has your door supplier caused operational problems; do they do what they say they will do, when they say they will do it or at your convenience?

Have you been wasting your time dealing with different engineers on your site?

Why has every job not been fixed first time and creates a quotation?

You have saved costs on the initial service contract agreement but have noticed simple repairs have escalated into major repairs with expensive parts being quoted / fitted constantly
Its 3pm on Friday and you need same day response as one of your doors will not close causing a security issue and your current door company cannot attend?

You have to ring a call centre, but really need to speak to a person who knows you, your site and equipment to answer a question / query which causes you frustrations.

The majority of us who work within BH Doors have worked in large door companies or been in managerial roles managing contracts and sub-contractors trying to provide solutions but getting covered in more and more red tape, this is why we decided in 2009 to start our own company. Listen to the customers needs, make a decision, get on and work, honest days work for an honest day’s pay.

Why should you choose BH Doors?

We believe that preventative maintenance servicing reduces the failure of equipment. This is backed up with the level of service you require as we understand that when a door fails it affects your business.

Our ethos is that we care about our customers, have pride in the work we carry out and be accountable at all times. This is why we understand that anybody in a position of ensuring that a building functions correctly and works to a budget requires:

• Fixed costs
• Agreed call out response times
• Minor repairs included
• Pre-planned service visits
• Same or next day response to emergency call outs
• Qualified, competent and directly employed engineers
• Eliminate or minimise disruption during working
• Health and safety compliant designating safe working area
• Risk assessments and safe working practices
• Compliance documentation for records
• Condition reports of equipment for planning future budgets
• Prior warning of end of life / obsolete equipment with solutions for replacement / upgrading
• Accountability of communication and workmanship

What you need when we are working on your site

• Our yellow safety barriers being deployed to designate a safe working area and letting you know we are working
• Removing covers of operators to gain access for inspection
• Opening panels and moving items to gain access
• Cleaning the equipment and components
• Checking expiry dates on components such as battery packs
• Testing the operation in all modes
• Testing for compliance
• Risk assessing the equipment taking into account it’s environment
• Recommendations for risk elimination or reduction

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