Dorma Automatic Swing Door Installation, Hartismere Hospital, Suffolk

Following an asset audit which highlighted the existing Besam automatic swing doors were at the end-of-life cycle as they were 15 years old and obsolete.

Following a discussion with the customer, it was agreed that the main entrance would need to be blocked off to allow the work to be carried out. An alternative entrance was used and we had a method form removing all items so that people could escape in an emergency.

After designating a safe working area, we carefully removed the existing operators. The installation comprised of two pairs of Dorma ED100s. The existing safety sensors were reused as these had previously been upgraded, compliant and in working order.

It is important that all installations of automatic doors have any risks designed out or any residual risks reduced to a safe level. Also, the on-door safety sensors installed to both sides of the door to reduce the risk of the door opening or closing onto a person within the sweep area of the door.

On completion, the installation a risk Assessment Checklist as part of compliance to EN16005 and BS7036 was carried out and submitted to the customer.