Automatic Door Repair For Modern Art Oxford, The Importance Of Floor Guides

Modern Art Oxford has a service contract agreement which includes 2 visits per year and we include a specific schedule of works. This details such items as inspecting floor guides, rollers, track, adjusting drive belts and where any of these are worn or damaged a quotation will be raised for replacement.

If we have these items on our van during the service, we will offer to replace them whilst on site, reducing repeat visits and cost.

As we can see below, it was noted that there was play in the doors when they were sliding as the floor guides were badly worn. It also had a knock-on effect where the electric lock was not engaging correctly potentially causing a security issue with the building.

oxford worn floor guides from door repair


It is important that all automatic doors are checked, inspected and tested regularly so that your doors are operational, safe, reliable and compliant.

Depending on the amount of operations / usage this will dictate the replacement of these service items. Some manufacturers such as Dorma, Besam, Record, Gilgen and Assa Abbloy, set out in their service manuals when such items should be replaced, generally at a maximum of 2 years for floor guides.

This highlights where BH Doors are different, available to provide quick quotations and understand your business needs. These are some of the values which get overlooked when customers are looking for a Service Contract Agreement based on the price and never take into account what they really need.

Our ethos is that we care about our customers, have pride in the work we carry out and be accountable at all times. This is why we understand that anybody in a position of ensuring that a building functions correctly and works to a budget requires fixed costs, agreed call out response times, pre-planned service visits, qualified engineers and health and safety compliance.

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