Fire Escapes & Automatic door Service, St Andrews School Oxford

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Fire escape Door Service

As part of our service contract agreement with St Andrews School in Oxford, we carry out preventative and compliance maintenance two times a year to the aluminium fire escapes and main entrance automatic door.

We carry this work out during half terms to minimise disruption to the school allowing us to work in the classrooms. Also, if any repairs need to be carried out including the removal of doors, then there are minimal risks as the school is empty.

When carrying out a service we have a specific schedule of works which includes adjustments and minor repairs. This may be to adjust the closing speed if a door closer such as a transom, overhead or concealed type is fitted. It is also important to test and check the operation as there are maximum forces to open these types of doors, so all engineers carry force gauges on their vans for this purpose.

For automatic doors we follow the guidelines for testing from BSEN16005 where we also test forces and the safety devices are working correctly such as using a test box to test the on-door safety sensors. It is important to carry out a risk assessment on all automatic doors regardless of when they were installed to ensure there are no risks or any present are reduced to a safe level.
We documented our findings on our Risk Assessment Checklist for each door so the school has a record and documented evidence as this may form part of their fire risk assessment and compliance documentation.

On completion any repairs or defects which could not be rectified at the service were provided by means of a separate quotation per door to allow the school to put a plan in place for the repairs and spread the cost.

If you require a service or have a problem with your emergency fire escapes or automatic doors, call us on 08081 200911 or contact us here.