Fire Escape and Sliding Partition Door Repair – Bayards Green Primary School, Oxford

Following an enquiry from Bayards Green Primary School regarding problems with a fire escape and a classroom timber sliding partition we initially attended the site and provided a quotation to repair the doors.

 The repairs were carried out during the half term when it was more suitable for access and did not cause any disruption to the school.

 The fire exit was closing dangerously and also was not securing the building as this was down to the transom closer failing. We removed the door and faulty closer was replaced. On refitting the door, we correctly aligned the door into the frame, set up the closing speed and tested the touch bar panic device.

 The common issues with fire exits are generally caused by lack of use as generally they only are tested weekly or generally used in an emergency. There are also some which are used constantly as a means to enter a building so the components will be subject to greater wear and tear.

 It is critical that these doorsets are always kept in optimum condition as BS8300 and BS8214 states that manual fire exit doors should be examined twice a year with specific attention paid to panic bars, paddle handles, hinges, pivots and door closing mechanisms.

 Then we moved onto the timber sliding partition which divides two classrooms and opens to make one large room. Both of the doors had dropped and the track had become clogged up with debris which in turn had made it impossible to open or close. We removed the doors, cleaned the track and then refitted at the correct height to allow a smooth and easy operation.

 Our experienced engineers have been trained on the major manufacturers equipment and are backed up with spare parts accounts to be able to repair your fire exits and movable wall sliding partitions. Our fixed rate call out includes all costs and the 1st hour on site, as we understand that if your door fails it will cause inconvenience and potential loss of business.


My fire escape is not closing, can you help?
Yes of course, but be aware we cover Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Suffolk and depending on the severity of your problem we may be able to offer a same day response.

Is your door experiencing any of the following your problems –

  • Is the door touching the adjacent frame or door?
  • Is the lock fully retracted?
  • Is the door closing dangerously?
  • Is there oil present at the top of the door?
  • Is the door binding on the floor?
  • Is your door difficult to lock or unsecure?
My fire escape is difficult to lock and does not secure when it closes, can you help?
Yes of course, many issues with locks are not a problem with the lock it is the fact that the door is not aligned correctly. This means that the latch or bolt cannot go into the keep easily which means you will require you to manually pull the door. In extreme cases you may have to lift the door or slam it closed. You could also be left in an unsecure condition where you cannot lock or escape from your building in an emergency.

If you are experiencing this call us now as it could be a simple realignment of your door to rectify this problem.

Can you fix my door on a call out?
We offer a fixed call out rate which includes the first hour on site as generally we either repair within that time or it will require additional works / spare parts to which we will provide a quotation.

Common spare parts are on our engineer’s vans specifically for Fire escape doors, aluminium doors including pivots, hinges and closers.