Automatic Swing Door Servicing, St Pauls Church, St Albans

Macwood automatic swing door and Dorma glass door service by BH Doors and Engineering Ltd. The Macwood system is air powered so the compressor requires two maintenance visits per year to ensure safe and reliable operation.

There are two automatic glass swing doors on the main entrance to provide a more accessible entrance for persons such as those in Wheelchairs into the Church.

On this installation the operators are concealed below the floor underneath the glass doors. They are also fitted with on door safety sensors on the closing side to ensure that the door would not close upon a person within the sweep area of the door. Both doors are interlinked so that when either touch pad is pressed both doors open.

We also serviced the Dorma glass doors which are fitted with floor spring closers concealed under the door. On further inspection we found that the glass had moved on one particular door causing it to rub on the floor.

We removed the door, placed it on trestles and repositioned it to the correct place and rehung.

We have a specific schedule of works we carry out for each different door type which is detailed within our servicing. We have used our experience, the manufacturers service specifications and legislation compliance to adopt these procedures for every customer and service contract we offer.

Some of these include inspecting all mechanical components, discharging the compressor on this Air Powered Macwood system and cleaning sensors, etc.

This means that the correct amount of time and engineers’ resource is allocated to ensure your doors are safe, reliable and reducing overall costs. Preventative maintenance servicing reduces the failure of equipment. This is backed up with the level of service our customers require as we understand that when a door fails it affects your business.

Our service contract is a fixed cost per visit and is based upon the amount and type of doors within your commercial building, such as a Church or Place of Worship. We always arrange with the customer the most convenient date to reduce the disputation as these automatic doors are on the main entrance.

For automatic doors as an example the minimum for compliance to BSEN16005 and BS7036 2014 is once per year and a risk assessment checklist document issued. The manufacturers may specify when service parts are replaced due to the number of operations, so you may need to increase the amount of service visits and replacement of parts to ensure the safe and continued operation.

On completion a risk assessment checklist was carried out on each of the doors for the records of the Church.

If you feel your doors require a service or you have a problem request an engineer .