Aluminium Door Transom Closer Replacement – Common Leys Farm Campus, Abingdon & Witney College

We were called to look at a dangerously closing Aluminium Door on the Cafe entrance at the Thorney Lees Campus for Abingdon & Witney College.

On initial inspection we found that the transom closer had failed and the door was closing without control slamming into the frame. This was obviously a concern to the staff and visitors as there could be a risk of impact and crushing.

This required removal of the door to allow us to inspect the transom closer, so we carried out a risk assessment and deployed our yellow men barriers to designate a safe working area.

Once the door was removed it was apparent that the closer seals had failed and had to be replaced. Also, the drive arm was worn, so this had to be replaced as well whilst the door was removed.

We installed the new Axim Transom Closer, then refitted the door and checked the alignment with the seals and locks, adjusting where necessary. The door closer was tested for opening and closing, adjusting the closer for a smooth closing action.

Finally, we cleaned the door, glass and frame completing the repair and provided documentation as all of our work comes with a 12 months guarantee.