Does your movable wall move a little too much lately? Or has your sliding partition slid over?

BH Doors don’t just service and maintain commercial doors. Our service engineers are fully qualified to identify faults and restore the movable walls that you depend on to partition your multi use room.

When to call the engineer

Ideally you will have an existing service and maintenance contract to ensure your flexible wall system is kept in top notch condition.

However, sometimes things go wrong, so this checklist will give you a good idea if there is a problem with your movable wall or sliding folding partition and should be a clue as to when to ring your friendly, local flexible wall systems service engineers:

  • Doors or partitions are not sliding effortlessly
    Jam posts loose and wobbly
  • Sticky hinges require a jostle to open or close the partition
  • Noisy tracks make a grating sound
  • An increase of noise travelling between rooms
  • Needing to jiggle the door to turn the lock
  • You have a desire to refurbish your space
  • A foot / piece of equipment has penetrated a panel

If one of your panels has been damaged beyond repair, be it by a foot or something else, we can retro fit complete panels on a number of systems, matching your current decor and ensuring your colour scheme is not compromised. Finishes even come in range of materials including wood veneer, paints and stains, melamine and textiles.

Get in touch

Once the offending issue has been identified, give us a ring and tell us all about it. We operate throughout the UK, providing a full movable wall and sliding folding partition service to any commercial building.

We always arrange our visits with you, for the most convenient date and time so as to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. If you can’t wait however, we will do our best to be with you as soon as we can.