Aluminium Swing Door Upgrade – Cowley, Oxford

Could an automatic door change a person’s life?

An elderly man whose heavy front door has been converted to an automatic design said it ‘feels like a new beginning’ after years of struggling to leave his building.

 We were contacted by GreenSquareAccord to conduct a survey to look at the possibility to convert an existing main entrance aluminium swing door at John Kallie Court in Cowley, Oxford. During the survey we met Peter Batchellier, 84 a resident within the retirement home, who had been unable to open the door without the help of his family or neighbours.

Installing automatic doors offers numerous benefits that enhance convenience, accessibility, and safety. Firstly, automatic doors provide effortless entry and exit, eliminating the need for manual operation and reducing physical exertion. This feature is especially advantageous for individuals with disabilities, elderly individuals, or those with their hands full. Moreover, these doors contribute to enhanced security as they can be integrated with access control system to restrict unauthorised entry.

In addition to that, automatic doors help regulate the flow of foot traffic, preventing congestion and promoting smooth entry and exit in busy environments. Overall, the installation of automatic doors enhances convenience, accessibility, and security while creating a welcoming and efficient environment for both businesses and public spaces.

It is important that the precise requirements and operational needs for the users is determined. At BH Doors want to ensure that any installation, fits the requirements, provides a solution, works operationally and above all safely.

Our solution was to install a Record DFA127 operator with BEA 4Safe on door safety sensors integrated into the access control security system, electric lock and fire alarm. To assist Peter in particular we provided him with a hand-held radio fob which when he presses it will unlock and open the door for him so he can leave and enter the building independently.

Automatic doors have a number of risks and in particular with a swing door, Impact and Crushing where the door could open or close upon a person. To eliminate this risk, we installed an on-door safety sensors to both sides of the door leaf as they sense when someone is in the doorway – meaning it cannot close on a person as they walk through.

During commissioning and a service, we test that these sensors are detecting correctly using a BS EN16005 test box which replicates a person stood within the sweep area of the door. The basic test is that the door should stop before touching the box during the operation of the door, thus passing the test.

After we commissioned the door, the installation was demonstrated and we invited all the residents try the automatic door so that they all were confident using it.

Mr Batchellier said: “I feel relaxed, and you know if you want to go out then – weather permitting – you can go for a little stroll outside, and I have been able to speak to people at the front door. It’s like a new beginning.”

Also, the local newspaper interviewed Mr Batchelier and you can read the article here.