Automatic Gilgen Curved sliding door overhaul and refurbishment for Slough Borough Council

Initially we were approached by Slough Borough Council to provide a quotation to replace both of the automatic sliding doors at the main entrance of the building. Both doors were not working and the council were looking for solutions and options to resolve the situation.

On our initial inspection we found that:

  • Doors were binding due to rollers being damaged and missing
  • A drive belt was snapped
  • Floor guides worn
  • Battery packs dead and out of date

We contacted the manufacturer to obtain prices and availability for spare parts to allow us to provide a quotation to also include a major overhaul where we would strip out the operator, clean and replace any worn or damaged components.

We returned at an agreed date to carry out the work and designated a safe working area as shown by our yellow barriers. We then removed the existing failed components and cleaned within the operator.

Following this we installed new rollers and drive belt, set up and commissioned the automatic sliding door system. It is also important to clean down the doors and frame to return them to as new condition.

At BH Doors, we pride ourselves in trying to repair door systems and find the most cost-effective long-term solution for our customers for an enquiry. Also, we back this up by offering service contracts on any manufacturers systems or pedestrian door type within commercial buildings.

Berkshire is one of the areas we cover including Oxfordshire, Suffolk, and Cambridgeshire, allowing us to provide the level of service our customers require should they also have a problem with their automatic door whether sliding, swing or an accessible entrance