Automatic Sliding Door Installation at Trumpington Community College – Cambridge

Following our recent emergency call out, we recommended the upgrade of the automatic sliding door system on the sports centre entrance.

Our solution was to install a Record STA20 sliding door operator installation and a quotation was raised, which was accepted and we returned at an agreed date to carry out the works. The purpose of this replacement operator is that it can be completed within a day without causing any disruption to the doors, so the end result is that the system blends in with the doors. The benefits are:

  • Current legislation compliant
  • Serviceable parts and components
  • Additional features and functions
  • Integration to access control and fire alarms systems
  • Future proof for change of operation or usage

We keep common spare parts and Retrofit kits in stock to allow us to react when a customer requires their door system to be operational at all times. Following the installation, when then commissioned the door. This includes a risk assessment checklist, which is a document to indicate the risks are acceptable and the automatic door system is compliant, by means of measuring and testing the door. It is the same principle as an MOT on your car, the engineer will give results for specific tests, look at conditions of components and then decide whether it is safe for use.

All of our engineers are Doorsafe Registered and we are part of the Automatic door Installation Association as it is important to ensure we are qualified and competent to carry out such work. We also offer service contract agreements, which are a fixed cost per visit and is based upon the amount and type of doors within your building. We always arrange with the customer the most convenient date to reduce the disputation as generally the automatic doors are on the main entrance to a building.

We have a specific schedule of works we carry out for each different door type which is detailed within our servicing. We have used our experience, the manufacturers service specifications and legislation compliance to adopt these procedures for every customer and service contract we offer. Some of these include inspecting all mechanical components and cleaning sensors, etc. This means that the correct amount of time and engineers’ resource is allocated to ensure your doors are safe, reliable and reducing overall costs. Preventative maintenance servicing reduces the failure of equipment. This is backed up with the level of service our customers require as we understand that when a door fails it affects your business.

The completed automatic sliding door system was demonstrated, tested for emergency escape and the fire alarm system as well as handing over the O+M Manual to the customer.