Geze Automatic Door Repair For University Of Oxford, St Cross Building

An emergency call out was placed by Oxford University Estates for us to attend the St Cross building. Upon arrival we found that the door was standing open showing an error. We cleared the error and carried out a functional test and noticed that the wind was forcing doors backwards and forwards on the track causing it to bind at the closing position and then jamming the lock. It was then clear that the rollers were damaged and badly worn. This was a major security issue as this entrance is used 24 hrs a day and at certain times unmanned, so the rollers needed to be replaced.

The Geze SL track is a slimline design with separate roller assemblies housed within it. Normally there is a section cut away for access to be able to change the rollers, but this particular installation did not have this, nor would the surrounding structure allow the rollers to be slid out of the end of the track due to walls being present at each side. Our only solution was to cut away the track at a position which would not affect the operation to allow us to remove the damaged rollers and replace them.

As this operator is very common, we keep spare rollers in stock in our local stores, so left site and returned with them.

automatic door repair Oxford
automatic door repair university of oxford
Geze automatic door repair Oxford

Following creating this access we replaced the rollers, realigned the doors, carried out a functional test including the electric lock and left the door in working order.

This highlights where BH Doors are different, available to provide same day response and understand your business needs. These are some of the values which get overlooked when customers are looking for a Service Contract based on the price and never take into account what they really need.

Our ethos is that we care about our customers, have pride in the work we carry out and be accountable at all times. This is why we understand that anybody in a position of ensuring that a building functions correctly and works to a budget requires fixed costs, agreed call out response times, pre-planned service visits, qualified engineers and health and safety compliance.

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