Complacency is dangerous in business, especially when your clients’ health and safety depends on your services. That’s why BH Doors is constantly looking for areas of development and training. We actively encourage our engineers to look for opportunities to expand their knowledge or improve on what they already know, and to explore ways of developing best practice.

David Horne, Director of BH Doors and Engineering Ltd regularly spends days training other engineers, in association with The ADIA (The Automatic Door Installation Association). However, that doesn’t mean that David knows everything there is to know about doors, or that with the rapidly developing technology that the door industry is experiencing, that he can teach everything there is to know. (He knows an awful lot after 30 years in the industry mind)!

So, BH Doors engineers find a course they feel will improve their practical or customer service skills, and if it’s complementary to the business, they book on.

Having recently installed a number of Record Direct UK automatic door operators, we asked for additional training to better understand all the operators have to offer, with the additional features and settings. We sent our engineers Bradley, Ed, John and Chris for product training in the Record Direct training facilities at Hemel Hempstead, where they worked in a small group, learning to fit and set-up the DFA127 swing operator, among other things.

Record Direct offers free, comprehensive training at their offices in Hemel Hempstead, Farnborough or Blantyre, on a day that suits your business. They’ll even train out of office hours if that’s what you need!

While the boys worked, we managed to get a few photos…

Even though these guys have been fully ADIA trained (by a third party) and passed all their exams, they, along with all the engineers at BH Doors, understand the importance of continued learning and skill development. It’s one of the things that we pride ourselves on and that we believe makes BH Doors an exceptional commercial door engineering service.

If you need our expertise and skill when it comes to the service and maintenance of your commercial doors, please call 0808 120 0911. All our phone lines are answered by trained engineers, ready and willing to answer your questions, or to arrange a visit to your site to provide a quotation.