Touchless Automatic Swing Door Conversions, The Hart Surgery Henley On Thames

Our service agreement contract customer The Hart Surgery in Henley On Thames has two automatic swing doors from Dorma and Record on the main entrance of the surgery as part of their DDA accessibility.

These were originally used as manual doors with push pad activation for those who required assistance.

During the outbreak of the pandemic, the surgery discussed if it was possible to fully automate these doors to remove the need for people to touch them. We carried out a survey and looked at operationally how they would benefit the users.

The 2 doors are separate installation, so we initially removed the push pads and installed 2 BEA Eagle radar motion sensors to each door. These detect to the floor and when commissioning needs to detect a minimum distance away from the door so that a person should not hesitate when approaching.

So, the position of the sensor and the various angles of approach to the building is key to ensure that this is correct.

automatic swing door Henley on Thames
Another consideration was that we did not want both doors to be open for any length of time allowing the ingress of wind and cold weather so we linked the operators together so that there is a timed delay on them opening and closing to minimise this happening.

Following installing the sensors we recommissioned the doors as this is a major change in operation and a Risk Assessment Checklist is required so that the doors and compliant and safe for use.

If you have recently had an assess audit or want to reduce the need for people to open doors themselves, then call us on 08081 200911 or contact us here.