Richmond Park Golf Course automatic sliding door repair and service

Following our recent emergency call out, we recommended the replacement of the badly worn floor guides. Also, we noted that the emergency battery back-up did not open the door in the event of a power failure and was out of date.

A quotation was raised for Richmond Park Golf Course which was accepted and we returned at a time which was the most convenient. We also carried out a service of the door and a risk assessment checklist, which is a document to indicate the risks are acceptable and the automatic door system is compliant.

BS EN 16005 / BS7036-0 are the current standards applicable to automatic door sets and also requires servicing as well as carrying out the necessary risk assessments at least once a year.

All that needs to be done is to ensure that they are maintained in accordance with the instructions set by the manufacturer of the automatic powered operator. Most automatic door manufacturers specify annual service intervals but that will depend upon the type of building and the level of traffic.

Higher traffic automatic doors such as those used in hospitals, supermarket, airports and similar may require more frequent maintenance and servicing.

During each of our visits we –

  • Carry out a schedule of works
  • Minor repairs
  • Site and door specific risk assessments
  • Test and inspection
  • Compliance documentation

For further information on our service contract agreements or you have an emergency call out requirement or call us free on 0808 1200911 or contact us here.