Movable Wall Service & Refurbishment – Oxford Jewish Synagogue

As part of our ongoing service contract agreement and following on form our initial service. We offered a quotation for replacing the worn bottom floor tracks and roller to the existing movable wall system.

This involved carrying out the work when the Synagogue was empty as we had to remove all of the panels and tracks. This was apparent as it had become difficult to open and stack the system on the stage due to the high usage.

With all of the panels removed the worn rollers were replaced. Then carefully removed the tracks so as not to damage the flooring and installed the replacement. The other 2 systems were serviced and on completion a checklist for each of them was handed to the caretaker.

Regular service and preventative maintenance visits will maximise the life of your movable walls or sliding partitions and save you the inconvenience and unwanted expense of installing replacement systems.


We also offer service contract agreements which include preventative maintenance to give you piece of mind at the fraction of the cost of a major component failure to keep your business operational and compliant.

Particularly we have a specific schedule of work we carry out to ensure that:

  • The track is secure,
  • The rollers are inspected for wear
  • The tracks are clean and free of debris
  • All fixings are secure
  • All panels are correctly aligned with each other, the track and floor
  • All seals are fully operational
  • A conditional report is carried out
  • A service checklist is provided for your records


Prior to us attending your site, we can provide our DBS, Health and Safety policy, insurances and risk assessment. It is important that all documents are available to reduce inconvenience and wasting time so that we can work as soon as possible when we attend site.

Always when we work, we always carry out a risk assessment and deploy our yellow men barriers to designate a safe working area for us and the general public. Where we deem that the risk is high, we would carry out any work at a more suitable time, such when the area in which the movable wall is not in use or the building is not occupied.

We understand that if your door fails or requires a service it will cause inconvenience and potential loss of business so will always schedule the works at your most suitable time.

If you would like a quotation to service your movable wall or sliding partition, then call 0808 1200911 or request an engineer.