Movable Wall Repair The Spread Eagle Hotel Thame, Oxfordshire

We were called to the Spread Eagle Hotel in Thame as they could not move one of the panels of the conference room movable wall system. We attended site and found that one panel had dropped onto the floor and could be moved and thus the system was unusable. This had a knock-on effect and the conference room needed to be segregated by closing the movable wall for a training event.

We designated a safe working area by deploying our yellow safety barriers at all of the entrances to the conference suite to inform people we are working within the area. Due to the height of the wall we needed to use our tower to gain access to the track and top of the panels.

Our initial inspection found that a roller had collapsed and one of the rollers was missing so we needed to remove and replace it. As we carry common spare parts on our vans, we had these in stock so continued to move a number of panels to be able to relocate this panel into the stacking area to remove the roller. Once this was replaced, we then had to realign the panel using a laser level ensuring a perfect seal between the adjacent panels.

Then the system was fully tested, panels cleaned and demonstrated to the hotel manager who was pleased that we carried out all of this work and the work completed on our 1st visit.

​We also offer service contract agreements which include preventative maintenance to give you piece of mind at the fraction of the cost of a major component failure to keep your business operational and compliant. Regular service and maintenance visits will maximise the life of your movable walls or sliding partitions and save you the inconvenience and unwanted expense of installing replacement systems.

Particularly we have a specific schedule of work we carry out to ensure that the system seals correctly, the panels move easily and keep your doors in alignment.

If you have a problem with your movable wall or sliding partition, then call 08081 200911 or request an engineer here.