Automatic Door Operator Replacement, Warneford Hospital Oxford

We were called to site to give advice on the main entrance to the apartments as they had existing issues with the door –

• Existing operator had damaged gearbox
• Door opened very slowly and the activation distances were very close to the door causing a risk of impact
• Door not always closing causing a security issue, due to wind loading

It is important to carry out an operational and risk assessment when we have an enquiry from a customer to ascertain the exact requirements and especially if it is an existing operator. If the door does not work, are there any contributing factors as to why it has failed? The next step is to carry out a user risk assessment as there are 4 risks associated with automatic doors and they are –

• Impact
• Crushing
• Drawing In
• Shearing

This operator was installed as a Low Energy originally where there was a reduced power swing operator which means that all of the forces are lower than a full energy automatic door and very slow to open. The users to the door are generally elderly as this is a selection of retirement flats within a complex so any risks need to be eliminated.

automatic door replacement Oxford
BH Doors will always deem there to be risks with these types of operators as we feel that any contact with a user of a door is unacceptable so we would always recommend and install on door safety sensors, such as a BEA 4Safe. This is an infrared sensor which detects at least 200mm from the door and eliminates the risks of impact and crushing to a person if they are stood within the sweep area of the door.

From our free on-site survey and risk assessment with the end user the following advice was provided –

• Specify a high usage operator to open automatically for every user all day, everyday
• Door to open just by a person walking towards the door during the daytime
• Integrate the new operator with the existing access control system and fire alarm
• To install on door safety sensors to eliminate the risks of impact and crushing
• Install additional radars to detect when persons leave the reception desk and are detected and another to detect persons leaving from the waiting area.

We provided a quotation to replace the operator with a Record DFA127 swing operator with the necessary safety devices to give safe and reliable operation. Additionally, we offered an on-going service contract agreement to provide piece of mind and compliance for the NHS.

On completion, commissioned and tested with the access control system, then demonstrated how the operator and safety devices worked.

If you have a problem with your automatic door or would a quotation to automate any existing door, contact us here or call free on 08081 200911.