Glass Door Service, Abingdon

During our routine servicing of glass doors we carry out the following schedule of works –

• Visually inspect doors / frame
• Check all glass for damage and wear
• Check for parallel alignment with frame, threshold and transom
• Check for alignment of patch fittings to glass
• Inspect patch fittings for stress cracks
• Remove covers. (If applicable)
• Check torque settings on all fittings and fixings
• Inspect closer for leaks
• Open door to 90 degrees and check door closes fully under control
• Check door closes fully against door stops (if fitted)
• Check door is central in the frame
• Check drive / closer arm, adjust or re-secure if necessary.
• Inspect pivots / hinges / inserts, checking for wear
• Check mechanical parts for secure fixing.
• Test operation of door including opening and closing cycle
• Test special functions such as back check / latching on closer.
• Adjust speeds where necessary