Emergency Aluminium Door Repair at 9 Park End Street, Oxford

We were asked to attend an emergency call out to look at the main entrance aluminium door at 9 Park End Street in Oxford, Oxfordshire.

On initial inspection we found that the door was not closing correctly and the transom closer was leaking resulting in the door closing dangerously. Upon further inspection we found that the door had also dropped due to the pivot and drive arm badly worn. As we carry common spare parts on our vans, we could replace these worn parts immediately as return the door to its full working order.

We contacted the customer and gave them a quotation to repair the door whilst we are still on site. This is why BH Doors understand that if your door fails it has a knock-on effect to your business and your customers. This required removal of the door to allow us to replace the parts, so we carried out a risk assessment and deployed our yellow men barriers to designate a safe working area.

The following parts were replaced –

  • Axim transom closer
  • Axim pivot
  • Axim drive arm

We refitted the door and checked the alignment with the seals and locks, adjusting where necessary. The door closer was tested for opening and closing, adjusting the speeds for a smooth closing action. Finally, we cleaned the door, glass and frame completing the repair and provided documentation as all of our work comes with a 12 months guarantee.

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