Dorma Glass Door Emergency Repair, Oxford

Joe’s bar called us as the Dorma internal glass door to the restaurant had dropped and they could not close it. We attended the same day and found that the top pivot had snapped. As we carry common Dorma spare parts on the vans, we had a replacement. But this could not be carried out by one engineer as this was a frameless piece of glass. As we have multiple engineers within Oxfordshire, it made it possible to get assistance later that day.

Always when we work, we always carry out a risk assessment and deploy our yellow men barriers to designate a safe working area for us and the general public. Where we deem that the risk is high, we would carry out any work at a more suitable time, such as when the building is closed. As the restaurant was not busy, it was agreed to carry on working.

The manager also had a broken key within the door and asked us if it was possible to remove when we had the door apart. Once removed and the door reinstalled. We aligned with the frame, tested the lock and cleaned the glass to remove any hand prints.

Oxfordshire is one of the areas we cover including Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Essex, Peterborough and Cambridgeshire, allowing us to provide the level of service our customers require should they also have a problem with their glass doors.

If you have a problem with your door call 0808 1200911 or request an engineer here