Dorma floor closer replacement at the Oxford Castle & Prison, Oxford

 On our initial visit we found that the aluminium door was closing violently without any control and a major health and safety risk as a person could be impacted or crushed by the door.

Also, this door is part of the escape route from the Castle attraction so it is required to be operational at all times.

This required removal of the aluminium door to allow us to replace the Dorma floor spring, so we carried out a risk assessment and deployed our yellow men barriers to designate a safe working area.

Due to the size and weight, we used trolley jacks and created a timber frame to allow the safe removal. The leaking floor spring was replaced with new and the door was rehung. The closer was set up set up so that it closes under control safely and closes so the locking engages correctly.

It is important that the door opens fully to 90 degrees and when it is closed it aligns within the frame and seals correctly. We will always check that this is the case and adjust where necessary.

Following completion, we always clean the door, frame and work area to ensure your door is back to an as new condition.