DDA Automated Doors At Dept. Of Politics, University of Oxford

Automation of 3 doors for DDA access for students in wheelchairs at University of Oxford.


  • Doors too large and heavy to open.
  • Doors also have integral access control
  • All glass doors
  • Doors closing too fast causing a noise when closing into the frame.


  • Automate single leaf as wide enough to accommodate wheelchair user.
  • Record DFA127 automatic swing operator which would allow interface with access control and concealed locking so when a person presents their card the door would unlock and open for them. Then after a time the door will automatically close and relock</li>
  • Install external barrier onto the outward opening doors to eliminate the risks.
  • Reposition proximity card readers onto the end of the barrier
  • Install additional push pads in more convenient locations at an accessible height