DDA Accessible Swing Door – University of Oxford

Door Installation Using A GEZE UFO Underfloor Operator

This project was following a DDA access audit for University of Oxford to allow easier access for all using the Statistic Department.

We always attend site and carry out survey to understand the requirements prior to quotation and installation. BH doors want to ensure that the installation, fits the requirements, provides a solution, works operationally and above all safely.

The issue was that this is a timber arched door and part of a listed building which could not be removed or replaced. BH Doors solution was to install a GEZE UFO underfloor operator internally to pull the door open by means of a low-level slide channel arm.

DDA Installation Oxford Uni
Oxford installed DDA accessible door

This meant that the floor had to be adapted to conceal the operator within it. The controller is situated within the basement and a mode switch within reception.

As this is a security door with integral locking, we had to interface with the access control system so that when the users tapped their card the door would automatically unlock, open and after a time delay, close and relock.

Automatic doors have a number of risks and in particular with a swing door, Impact and Crushing where the door could open or close upon a person. To eliminate this risk, we installed an on-door laser safety sensor for BEA called a Flatscan to both sides of the door leaf.

During commissioning and a service, we test that these sensors are detecting correctly using a BS EN16005 test box which replicates a child stood within the sweep area of the door.


The basic test is that the door should stop before touching the box during the operation of the door.

To exit the building, we installed batter powered wireless push buttons which perform the same function as the access control in operation.

The reason for wireless technology is that these can be installed anywhere within the proximity of the door without the need to provide containment for cabling, thus saving time and money.

The completed installation viewed from outside showing the access control system, BEA Flatscan safety sensor and roller blind attached to the hinge point of the door.

See the installation in action in the video below.

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DDA Accessible swing door installation Oxford Uni