Entrance doors, with push pad operation, for the Department of Physiology

The Department for Physiology is a faction of the University of Oxford and a much-valued client of BH Doors. On this visit, we were asked to upgrade the existing entrance doors to ensure safe access for persons with limited mobility, and comply with the Equality Act 2005.

The doors are generally used manually and were in poor condition, which presented a safety risk. So, we fitted new external, glass entrance doors with a new push pad mechanism and interfaced the external doors into the existing access control system. The push pad is placed at optimal level for ease of use at any height and the Record DFA 127 automatic swing operators reduces the force at which the door swings open, reducing the risk of a pedestrian being struck and sustaining injury. Integral electric locks were also fitted for out of hours access.

Safety testing

When the fitting was complete, safety checks were carried out, in addition to the manufacturers rigorous testing, to ensure the entrance doors were safe for all to use without risk. To do this we used a commissioning checklist which includes the following tests –

  • the speed of the door
  • measure the clearance of the door opening
  • the force at which the door opens by means of a newton meter
  • the force when manually using the doors as a pedestrian
  • the on-door safety sensors with a BSEN16005 test body

As you can see from the pictures, the internal glass doors are in keeping with the sleek interior of the Department, but also allow for plenty of natural light to flood into the foyer, thanks also to the glass external doors.

All flooring surfaces were repaired following any damage that was caused during the fitting of the doors, and paintwork was refreshed to ensure the overall result is a bright and professional entrance. Take a closer look and you will see how the flooring runs through the glass in a continuous line, from outside the internal door.

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