Automatic Sliding Doors Design, Supply & Installation At Thame Leisure Centre In Oxfordshire

This project was following a DDA access audit for South Oxfordshire District Council to allow easier access for all using the Leisure Centre.

Here is the original entrance –

thame installation door
thame leisure centre door installation
The scope of works included everything from initial design consultancy through to full design and supply of 2 separate installations of Dorma automatic sliding door systems. It was important that they were set up to provide contactless operation using radar movement sensors. These doors would be used at all times during the opening hours of the leisure centre but also ensure that the 1-way system for entering and exiting matched the requirements of the new layout of the customer experience.

The issues were –

  • Mixture of manual and automatic doors to enter the building, confusing as cannot see the push pad if entering from the car park, then potentially not use the disabled accessible door
  • Left hand door opens inwards and righthand door opens outwards adjacent to each other on the same entrance with fixed post in-between
  • Single glazed glass and standard aluminium frame not insulated and condensation appears in winter
  • Only 1 door leaf automated by push pad activation on both sets of doors
  • People queuing through the doors to enter doors as not opening quick enough
  • Doors being wedged open in the summer months to increase air flow
  • Potential for 4 doors to be open in the winter causing heat loss
  • On going maintenance costs as 4 door leafs with mechanical issues
New automatic sliding doors installation
new automatic sliding doors Thame
installation sliding doors thame
The main entrance consists of a pair of thermally insulated aluminium doors automated by the installation of a Dorma ES200 sliding operators with screenwork frame to seamlessly connect with the surrounding building. We created a deeper lobby to try and reduce the heat loss from the building as there is a swimming pool in close proximity.

The specification for both systems includes –

  • BEA Ixio combined sensors which include motion detectors set up so that persons do not need to hesitate when approaching the doors and safety sensors to reduce the risk of impact if a person is slow moving or stationary within the threshold area
  • Integral pocket screens to eliminate the risk of crushing and impact on the opening side of the doors, but also provide access for maintenance
  • Battery back up to comply with building and fire regulations and the ability to open when the fire alarm detects even in the event of a power failure.
  • Mode selector to allow different operation settings such as reduced opening for the winter, 1 way, 2 way and hold open.
  • Interfacing with existing fire alarm system as the entrance is a designated fire escape route and the doors will need to fail open in the event of the fire alarm activating
  • Opposing colours of frame and doors to help differentiate for the visually impaired to make the doors stand out
  • Manifestation dots to also for the visually impaired so there was not just clear glass
  • Colour matched frames to existing windows adjacent
  • Integral electric locking to increase security


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