Automatic Sliding Door Safety Upgrade, Baston Garden Centre Peterborough

automatic swinf door upgrade Peterborough
automatic swing door Peterborough

We have a service contract agreement with the Waterside Garden Centre which includes 2 visits per year.

BS EN 16005 / BS7036-0 are the current standards applicable to automatic door sets and also requires servicing as well as carrying out the necessary risk assessments at least once a year.

All that needs to be done is to ensure that they are maintained in accordance with the instructions set by the manufacturer of the automatic powered operator. Most automatic door manufacturers specify annual service intervals but that will depend upon the type of building and the level of traffic. Higher traffic automatic doors such as those used in hospitals, supermarket, airports and similar may require more frequent maintenance.

During each of our visits we –

  • Carry out a schedule of works
  • Minor repairs
  • Site and door specific risk assessments
  • Test and inspection

On our initial visit it was highlighted that there were risks of impact and crushing within the threshold area of the 5 automatic sliding doors when carrying out our EN16005 box test as shown.

swing door Peterborough
automatic swing door Peterborough

These were noted on the checklist for each door and demonstrated to the customer. Then quotations were raised for each door so that the customer could prioritise the remedial works and spread the cost. Following the safety upgrades we carried out another risk assessment checklist to ensure the doors tested correctly and the risks removed.

Peterborough is one of the areas we cover including Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire, allowing us to provide the level of service our customers require should they also have a problem with their automatic door.

If you require a service or have a problem with your door call 0808 1200911 or request an engineer here