Automatic Sliding Door Installation, Suffolk

This existing operator Today at the Kirkley Mill Health Centre in Lowestoft, Suffolk was damaged beyond economical repair. Due to its location and cost implications we decided to retrofit the existing operator. This involves removing all of the internal components and replacing them with new and carried out in one day by one engineer. The new Geze SL20 Automatic door system also includes new sensors and controls to ensure that it complies with EN16005 and BS7036. This means that all risks have been either eliminated or reduced to a safe level for all pedestrian users.

It is important to select the appropriate automatic sliding door operator, so that operationally it fits the requirement but also provides long term reliability and is future proof in case of any changes or modifications. This particular installation requires integral electric locking, interfaces with the access control, fire alarm with battery back up to allow escape.

We have also included a 3 year fixed cost service and maintenance package as part of the package for the customer.

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