Automatic Fire Door Conversion, Oxfordshire College

Following an accessible audit by Abingdon and Witney College, there was requirement to automate the existing fire doors. The key is to survey and understand your requirements prior to quotation and installation.

The installation comprised of a pair of Record DFA127 swing operators activated by push pads with on door BEA 4Safe safety sensors. As this is a fire door, we provided integration with the fire alarm system. This is important as you must never deviate from the specification of a fire door which should stay closed or close in the event of fire. When this happens, the automation stops and it becomes a manual door which if used as an escape will reclose after a person has gone through it. On the fire alarm being reset the door will resume to be automated.  

It is important that all installations of automatic doors have any risks designed out or any residual risks reduced to a safe level. Then the installation is subject to a risk Assessment Checklist as part of compliance to EN16005 and BS7036.

The installation was added to the colleges existing service contract with us with the 1st year free as all of our installations come with an inclusive service agreement to give our customers piece of mind.

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