Automatic Door Operator Replacement, Renaissance Retirement In Abingdon

We were called to site to give advice on the main entrance to the apartments as they had existing issues with the door –

• Existing operator had damaged gearbox
• Impossible for a person in a wheelchair to open and gain access into the building
• Door not always closing causing a security issue, due to wind loading

It is important to carry out an operational and risk assessment when we have an enquiry from a customer to ascertain the exact requirements and especially if it is an existing operator. If the door does not work, are there any contributing factors as to why it has failed? The next step is to carry out a user risk assessment as there are 4 risks associated with automatic doors and they are –

• Impact
• Crushing
• Drawing In
• Shearing

This operator was installed as a Low Energy originally where there was a reduced power swing operator which means that all of the forces are lower than a full energy automatic door. The users to the door are generally elderly as this is a selection of retirement flats within a complex so any risks need to be eliminated.