Acoustic Movable Wall Service at Kingsmere Community Centre, Bicester

As part of our ongoing service contract, we prearranged a movable wall service at the Kingsmere Community Centre in Bicester. Due to the fact that these meeting rooms are used regularly, the customer set aside a day for us to carry out the work causing no disruption to any other users of the centre.

During our service we have a specific schedule of work we carry out to ensure that:

  • The track is secure,
  • The rollers are inspected for wear
  • The tracks are clean and free of debris
  • All fixings are secure
  • All panels are correctly aligned with each other, the track and floor
  • All seals are fully operational
  • A conditional report is carried out
  • A service checklist is provided for your records

Also, as part of our service, we will clean the track and panel faces paying particular attention to remove scuff marks, etc to leave the system as good a new.

We understand that if your acoustic movable wall or sliding partition fails or requires a service it will cause inconvenience and potential loss of business so will always schedule the works at your most suitable time.

Regular service and preventative maintenance visits will maximise the life of your movable walls or sliding partitions and save you the inconvenience and unwanted expense of installing replacement systems. Prior to us attending your site, we can provide our DBS, Health and Safety policy, insurances and a risk assessment. It is important that all documents are available to reduce inconvenience and wasting time so that we can work as soon as possible when we attend site.

If you are looking for a service, call us now if you would like a quotation, all we need is number of panels and dimensions of your system.