It appears in recent months that many schools and colleges, not just in the Oxfordshire area, but nationally, have been moving away from their dependence on national contractors and seeking the services of smaller, local firms.

BH Doors has benefited, visiting schools and colleges throughout Oxfordshire where they require new door installations or repairs and maintenance.

Perhaps the change and movement away from the local authority framework for contractors has filtered through from the changes to the way schools can be funded.

Academies are centrally funded and not in direct control of local authorities so can make spending decisions themselves, this freedom of choice means that they and other schools are choosing a superior service and value from local contractors.

Better the Devil…

Unfortunately in busy schools and businesses, ‘services’ such as door maintenance are rarely scrutinised. Companies arrive to service the doors but sometimes nothing is left that indicates what was actually completed.

We have been into several schools where evidence of ‘service’ is practically non-existent but the school is none the wiser. It is not until something goes wrong that these issues are brought to life, accompanied unfortunately by the disruption and frustration of a door that doesn’t work.

It is not until a company like BH Doors gets onto site with trained and experienced engineers who are tasked with completing the job to the best of their ability rather than completing a service quota that issues are identified.

Schools are facing the same budgeting challenges as the householder, just on a larger scale. Rising costs of maintenance set against shrinking budgets highlight the need to make every penny count. However, few school bursars have the time or resources to seek out the chance to benefit from valuable savings.

Making the Change

It’s worth at least comparing the service and price from a local suppliers or contractors that can, in the long run, save money, save time and build lasting, trusted relationships.

So much time can be saved on an onsite visit when the two people at hand to resolve the problem consist of the one who reported it and the one to which it was reported. A smaller company can offer this kind of service sending the same engineers who know the routines, history and policies of the school to minimise any disruption.

Bringing Down the Costs

BH Doors believe that preventative maintenance is the key to long term reliability and reducing overall costs of your commercial doors. We arrange engineer visits to schools to provide a quote and produce an asset register to ensure that all equipment is detailed and subsequently monitored during the contract.

Our specific service schedule details the works carried out on each piece of equipment ensuring that you, the customer is aware of all the necessary work and costs prior to any visit.