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Changes to British Standard EN16005, Training for Safety in use of Automatic Doors

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In case you didn’t know BS EN16005 is the British Standard and European Norm that ensures the competence of automatic door engineers in installing public use, pedestrian, automatic doors safely.
The standard was developed by the Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA) and training is delivered to engineers by the Automatic Door Installation Association (ADIA). City and Guilds are the official accreditors of the standard. All engineers must be accredited upon the installation of any automatic door, which then ensures the door itself is compliant with safety standards outlined within BS EN16005.

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The Construction Skills Certification Scheme card is issued upon successful completion of the training, offered by the ADIA, who have recently made some changes to the Health and Safety skills test and therefore the initial launch of the card scheme.

From 1st May 2017 ADIA members must complete the ADIA Health and Safety test before moving on to take BS EN16005.

‘After discussions with members and CSCS we have decided to make some changes to our initial launch of the CSCS card scheme when members sit their BS EN16005.

The Health & Safety Test for those who have already passed the BS EN16005 is £25 + VAT until 31st December 2017. To renew expired CSCS cards is free of charge. To replace any lost CSCS cards it is £25 + VAT.

We would like to show members that this is an incredible achievement for the association, members and the industry. For just £100 extra per test, engineers have so many more opportunities to get on site and show additional health and safety skills.

And whilst we understand that many members already have a CSCS card, there are a large percentage that do not, which is why we are giving everyone the chance to create a safer, accessible industry.’ – Paul, the ADIA.

BH Doors feels that this move can only be a good thing for the industry, but , will particularly raise the safety standards of both engineers and the installation methods, which in turn will reduce risk of injury to the public.

Information regarding the ADIA BS EN16005 course and exam can be found on their website. The next time one or engineers attends a call to your facility, please ask to see their CSCS card, we are all very proud of possessing them.


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