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Raising The Bar For Commercial Door Engineers

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Those of you who follow the BH Doors social media feeds will know by now, that Bradley Horne is the son of director and founder of BH Doors, David Horne.

Bradley has been part of the business since he passed his training in automatic door servicing and installation back at the end of 2015 and has proved a valuable member of the ‘West Side’ team, taking part in CPD and even covering the social media updates from time to time.

Commercial Door Engineer - Bradley
Bradley, 3 years ago, shortly after training for power-lifting started.

What you may not know is that Bradley is also a fully signed up member of Team GB for the power lifting team and recently scored a Personal pest for bench press at the IPF World Championships competition, in Vantaa, Finland.

Commercial Door Engineer - Bradley (Finland)
Bradley in Helsinki, Finland last week.

Setting his sights high…

Whilst Bradley was competing in Southampton at the beginning of the year, he set two divisional records on behalf of South Midlands Power Lifting Division, before moving on to the England finals, with the International Power Lifting Association. Setting a goal to reach the podium on behalf of Team GB in the championships, Bradley had to adjust his lifestyle accordingly. As those of us in business already know, if goals are to be achieved you have to have unwavering focus, so much so that Bradley even abstained from the usual birthday celebrations last week!

Why are we telling you all this about Bradley Horne, commercial door engineer? Because we are immensely proud of his efforts and his achievements so far. Not only does this young man work hard in the gym and on a diet that supports his lifting, but Bradley has unwavering focus at work as well, concentrating on providing an exemplary service to all our customers, no matter how big or small the job, and we believe that the qualities he possesses are what makes BH Doors great; focus, attention to detail, genuine desire to do a good job, strength and pride. Well done Bradley, we appreciate your hard work, and love showing off your lifting pictures too!

Commercial Door Engineer - Bradley (Team GB)
Proud owner of his latest medal.
Commercial Door Engineer - Bradley (Lifting)
In action at Nationals in 2016.

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