Automatic Door Service - Weston Library Oxford

Weston Library, University Of Oxford Library – Main Entrance Door Repair & Service.

4 x Geze SLNT bi-parting sliders with 4mt door leaf’s.


  • Very high foot fall, one of Oxfords most visited places.
  • Doors are constantly working 12 hours a day, every day.
  • Due to height of operator and weight of doors additional wear is being placed on mechanical components (extreme case the track has broken, see photo).
  • Increased amount of breakdowns.


  • More frequent servicing carried out when the library is closed to allow easier access.
  • Replacing rollers and guides more frequently.
  • Plan in place to replace every track before they potentially fail.


  • More reliable doors leading to fewer breakdowns.
  • Cheaper to replace wearing components than to be left to fail causing damaged to more components and increasing the repair cost, thus saving time and money