1. How the enquiry came about? We were talking to Graham Hornsby of Ipswich Borough Council about service and he had a particular problem site where he had a contractor had offered him a price but now did not want to do it.

2. What were their issues? The staff in the TI office were always cold with the medieval doors always open and English Heritage wanted something very discreet.

3. How the design came about? Simon and Phil spent time designing the entrance , producing drawings and images for Graham Hornsby which he in turn liaised with English Heritage and got it approved

4. How do they use it? As a normal automatic door during the colder months and probably hold open during the summer

Design – Existing listed building with an arched doorway that required a discreet automatic door system and had to be approved by English Heritage


  • Arched door which could not be replaced nor automated
  • Doors were left open all day making the building and staff always cold
  • Impossible for a person in a wheelchair to open and gain access into the building
  • Different floor levels


  • Specify an all glass automatic door system
  • Remove internal floor and create a level floor
  • Install safety sensors to reduce the risk of the door closing onto persons
  • Install new matting and redecorate