Automatic Swing Door Repair In Ely, Cambridgeshire

Automatic Swing Door Repair – Eazipay Ltd – Ely, Cambridgeshire.


  • The door had dropped and misaligned with the frame.
  • The existing floor pivot had worn away causing the door to drop.
  • The swing doors needed to fixed within a 48 hour period.


  • We responded & resolved the issue within the same day.
  • We provided an on-site quote for repairing the door (which they agreed) – as we had all the necessary parts & tools in the van.
  • Removed the door and replaced the existing worn floor pivot.
  • Rehung the swing door and re-aligned it with the frame.
  • Finally, we cleaned & tested the safety of the door – leaving it in perfect working order.

Swing Door Repair In Ely, Cambridgeshire