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Identifying Opportunities Within Complementary Businesses

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Looking for ways to expand your business does not necessarily mean adding services, growing your customer base through marketing, or buying more sites. What it meant for BH Doors recently was noticing a hole in a business we have worked with in the past and offering to plug that hole.

George Henry Relay are an Oxfordshire based company that install maintain and repair (sound familiar?) a range of systems including CCTV, PA systems, TV and satellite systems and, you’ve guessed it, door entry systems.

Having worked in collaboration with George Henry Relay, it soon became evident that our ethos of service and maintenance to prevent emergencies, and excellence in customer care was echoed in the principles of their engineers. What wasn’t echoed was the service and maintenance of the doors themselves.

Naturally, not one to miss an opportunity, David Horne MD of BH Doors and Engineering offered to expand the services for George Henry Relay and act as a sub-contractor, so the doors on all their sites were given a full-package service.

Brian, owner and director of George Henry Relay, immediately recognised the value of adding BH Doors to his offer for their contracts and took David up on his proposition. Commercial door service and maintenance, and commercial door repair when identified, is now a regular part of any George Henry Relay access control systems service contract.

‘Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity’

And nothing pays as well as one grabbed! Supporting fellows in business feels great and often pays dividends as we have found at BH Doors. George Henry Relay now have a well-rounded service to offer to their customers, making them even more valuable as suppliers and BH Doors’ reputation and revenue have grown.

Opportunities for growth don’t often fall in your lap, so our advice would be to foster relationships between companies that you have a cross-over with, connect with them on social media, share their news and be complimentary about your complementary business owners!

If you would like to connect with BH Doors, you can find David on LinkedIn and the company on Twitter and Facebook.



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